taking commissions via ko-fi or paypal invoice. if you have any questions or are looking for a specific style, feel free to message me! prices are subject to change.


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Make sure to read my Terms of Services before commissioning me.Taking single orders thru ko-fi
Taking multiple orders thru paypal invoice

Mini Pixel

• around 50px, ground included
• ground is customizable
• if you'd like the character separate from the ground, lmk

10-20 USD

• >300px, no set canvas, it's just whatever I feel like
• simple style with no shading
Price variation:
$10 Static Feral
$14 Static Anthro/Human
+$6 Wiggle

Crayon Cheebs
10-14 USD

• 300x300px
• dot-eyed chibi style with a rough, crayon-like lineart
Price variation:
$10 Simple Feral
$14 Humans/Anthro

Doodle Icons
12-16 USD

• 250x250px
• colors may not be 100% accurate to your character and may be heavily stylized
• default with transparent bg for vignette, if you'd like it with a coloured bg, let me know
Price variation:
$12 vignette background
$16 full background

Bongo Animation
16 USD

• around 400px wide
• can do any creature, humans included
• if you'd like details like: wings, tails, etc. added in lmk :>

GSC Icon
15-21 USD

• 50x50 px
• max 4 colors (black, white, +2 colors)
• can do any creature, humans included
Price variation:
$15 static
$23 animated

Cheeb Illustration
40-45 USD

• minimum 1024px
• chibi style character with detailed background
Price variation:
$40 simple feral
$45 humans/Anthro

Terms of Service

Last updated: April 3, 2022
By commissioning me (burntbunns), you agree to the following terms.Throughout these terms, "I" will refer to the artist, "client" will refer to you, the buyer.
I. Generala. All commissions are digital and will not include shipping unless stated otherwise.b. I reserve the right to deny or cancel any commission without explanation.c. By purchasing a commission, the client is only purchasing my labor. I still hold all rights and copyright to my work; or as it applies to in a new Terms of Service agreed upon for Commercial Use.d. Commissioned art may only be used for decorative, personal use. See IV. Terms of Use.
II. Paymenta. The client must send payment before I start the commission.b. All prices are listed in USD. The client is responsible for providing the correct amount equal to the USD amount. To see currency conversions, the client may check at xe.com.b. Acceptable payment options are through ko-fi commissions (paypal/stripe payment) or paypal invoices. I will not be accepting any other form of payment.c. If the commissioned price is more than 100 USD, a payment plan may be discussed. Until the full payment per work is sent, I will only send low-resolution version(s).
III. Refunds and Cancellations
a. Under no circumstance will chargebacks be tolerated. The client will automatically be blacklisted from my services. The client must check with me first to see if a refund is possible.
b. 100% refunds are only allowed if I am unable to complete it.c. 80% refunds are available if I have not started the commission or if there was an error in ordering if it's through the client's fault. This is due to fees taken from the chosen payment method that I will not be reimbursed in if I issue a refund.d. Once I have started, refunds will be given based on how much of the order I've completed.
IV. Terms of Use
a. The client may not use the commissioned piece for commercial use.
b. The commissioned piece may not be edited without permission unless it's resizing or cropping the work.c. Client may host my work in external sites as long as it's credited and linked back to me.d. The commissioned piece may not be used in a nsfw, political, religious, or hateful context.e. I will not permit my art or designs to be used in NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) even in commercial use.f. Breaches of the terms of use will result in revoking the client's right to use my work.
V. Client Privacy
a. I reserve the right to use the commissioned piece to be used as self-promotion. If the client does not wish for it to be made public, they must discuss it with me prior to posting the finished piece.
b. By commissioning, the client's username will be publicly listed in my Trello. To be anonymous, please let me know.c. I will keep full, unredacted records of all conversations regarding the commissioned piece. These records will only be used in the case of a dispute.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to revision without notice. The client must read and understand these terms before entering into a Commission Agreement with the Artist. Once the Client enters into a Commission Agreement with the Artist, it is assumed the Client has agreed to all Terms and Conditions.